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Skoda published an official sketch showing the dashboard of the upcoming Vision 7S concept. The fully electric SUV is expected to preview Skoda’s new “Modern Solid” design language, set to be adopted by all of its future production models including the Skoda Elroq.

Skoda is known for offering one of the absolute best interiors in the VW Group, both with regards to layout, common sense and offering decent quality materials (Where as new VW cars seem to be dropping in quality). The following stage of the technique is imagined in the sketch, with a more present day yet moderate arrangement. The new plan for the dashboard has a wraparound style designed to make the interior feel bigger.

Skoda now adopts a large tablet style screen, in portrait mode, familiar to anyone who has seen inside a Tesla before.
Thankfuilly however, it appears Skoda has kept physical buttons for the climate control. The steering wheel has flattened top and bottom sections and four spokes. One of them looks like a touchpad, while the rotating dials on both sides could allow the driver to operate the infotainment without taking the hands off the steering wheel. We can also see a rather small digital instrument cluster.



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